The Chapbook


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From 2011-2015, The Chapbook  published poetry, art, and fiction by a very wide range of artists. Back issues are available in print and for free online. The Chapbook published work by Theodore Worozybt, Nicole Cooley, Drea Kato, Monica Mody, C. J. Waterman, Dana Curtis, Carey Scott Wilkerson, Adam Moorad, Jessica Smith, Emma Bolden, Jim Hilgartner, Jennifer Horne, Laura Hendrix Ezell, Michael Martone, Reb Livingston, Susannah Felts, Corey Mesler, John M. Bennett, Steven Wingate, Volodymyr Bilyk, Leah Nielsen, Matt Hart, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Luke Daly, Joanna Grant, Bonnie Jean Michalski, and Patti White.